Captain Time Spacer is the hit new show about a time-spacing captain of space and time named Captain Time Spacer!
Captain Time Spacer rides a flying time spacer while spacing through time and space on his time spacer.

"He's like Riker from Star Trek except he spaces through time"

"You are on the comm!"

Captain Time SpacerCaptain Time Spacer

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About Captain Time Spacer

Captain Time Spacer is a highly skilled and experienced individual who specializes in navigating through different time periods within the multiverse. With their advanced knowledge of temporal mechanics and their trusty time and space-traveling hoverboard, they are able to explore the past, present, and future with ease. Their main objective is to maintain the timeline and prevent any disruptions or anomalies from occurring. They have a deep understanding of the consequences that altering the past can have on the future, and they are dedicated to ensuring that history remains intact. Captain Time Spacer is a fearless and resourceful leader, always prepared for any situation that may arise during their travels. They are driven by a sense of adventure and a curiosity to uncover the mysteries of time itself.

Experience infinite realities of time and space

Time Spacing Captain of Time and Space

Intergalactic Battles

Cosmic Challenges

Epic Confrontations


I have sent this to everyone I know
- Paul Rudd

"We are all space hens in this house!" GundamPilotSpaz

"I like the music and animation..." - Britt